Dr James Eells

Every career needs full dedication. The mere existence of knowledge on one’s head will not suffice his overall competence. Skills are also essential factors on making a person expert on his chosen field. Dr. Jim Eellsis a manifestation of a competent individual who never stops caring for his patients. He always finds time to give helpful alternative solutions for the patients’ illnesses.

Before Dr. Jim Eells reached the peak of success, he equipped himself with proper education during the early times. In 1992, he took Bachelor of Science at Las Vegas University. He also had his medicine course at Nevada University in 1985. Among the students, he was seen with a lot of potentials. His previous teachers are amazed on how he handles the difficulties of studies. After his involvement in college, he strives to pass the series of examinations. Due to his mastery on the field, he was able to obtain a Board certification. He also met the ideal score for MCAT in 1985. In 1990, his name was included on the National Board passers. In 1992, Dr. Eells obtained the internal medicine board certificate. With the help of full scholarship, his education was just free. US Air Force entrusted him the access to education. By performing very well in school, he shows his determination to succeed. His good records are consistent so he was able to comply with all requirements.

Dr James EellsDr. Eells’ trainings are also impressive. His first internship (Internal medicine) happened at Las Vegas (UMC) last 1989. After a year, he makes himself available for another training in medicine. As a military officer for 4 years, he extended help on giving medical services. With the help of such duty, his skills in internal medicine were improved.

He also had a chance to be an effective Pharmacist and Air force officer in 1992. For 4 years, he acted as an educator. He taught many people regarding basic life and cardiac support. With an understanding about such areas, there will be an urgent response to unexpected scenarios that may happen.

Dr. Eells received various awards because of his positive behavior towards his career. Specifically, he was recognized as a compassionate doctor for consecutive years (2011, 2013, and 2014). He was also the Patients’ Choice for three years. Furthermore, the doctor was given the title of “On Time” due to his observance on time management. He values every minute with those people who seek his help.